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Let go, Mother, you're hurting me . . . Mrs. McThing got mad at you.  She put a stick in my bed that looked just like me.
-- Howay the Bad

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2010 Boal Barn Season
Twelve Angry Men | Mrs. McThing | Wonderful Town | A Streetcar Named Desire
Hello, Dolly! | The Curious Savage

Photography by Phillip Mackenzie

June 8-12, June 15-19, 2010     at 8pm

Mrs. McThing
    A Play in Two Acts
    by Mary Chase

The moral behind Mrs. McThing, a comic fantasy, is that small boys shouldn’t always scrub their ears, and that perfection is a terrible thing.  Howay Larue, a normally mischievous youngster, is spirited away from his mansion by the vengeful Witch McThing because she feels Howay’s mother has snubbed the witch's urchinlike daughter, Mimi.  Gleefully, Howay (the Bad) finds himself in a pool-hall lunchroom, where he joins a gang of comic mobsters.  Meanwhile, a substitute Howay (the Good) is created by the witch out of an old stick (Stick Boy) and palmed off on Mrs. Larue.  Unaware of the replacement, Mrs. Larue is glad at first to see how Howay has reformed.  But soon she grows uneasy over Howay the Good, and is deeply mystified when Howay the Bad phones her from the lunchroom.  Before the witch gets through, Mrs. Larue herself is changed into a scrubwoman, helps rob her own home, adopts Mimi as a playmate for Howay, and returns to her unbewitched state with a firm conviction that it is best to let kids be kids!

Adult (age 18 to 61) - $12.00
Senior (age 62 and older) - $10.00
Youth (age 17 and younger) - $10.00

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Click here for Cast Lists  Casting will be done on Sunday, April 18, and the cast lists will be updated throughout the afternoon and evening as roles are accepted.


Boy - pre teen/young teen, plays both Howay the Bad and Howay the Good (Stick Boy)

Mimi - a little girl, pre teen/young teen

Mrs. Howard V. Larue III - a rich widow, 30ish
Carrie - a nurse maid, 20ish and up
Sybil - a parlor maid, 20ish and up
Evva Lewis - a friend, 30ish and up
Maude Lewis - a friend, 30ish and up
Grace Lewis - a friend, 30ish and up
Mrs. Schellenbach - Eddie’s mother, 40ish and up
Mrs. McThing: Ugly Witch - 30ish and up
Mrs. McThing: Beautiful Witch - 30ish and up

Nelson - a bodyguard, 20ish and up
Chef (Ellsworth) - 30ish and up
Virgil - a waiter, 20ish and up
Dirty Joe - a gangster, 20ish and up
Stinker - a gangster, 20ish and up
Poison Eddie Schellenbach - the chief gangster, 20ish and up
First Policeman - 20ish and up
Second Policeman - 20ish and up

Director - Susanna Ritti
Scenic Designer - Jon Vickers-Jones
Master Carpenter -
Costume Designer -
Lighting Designer -
Sound Technician -
Stage Manager -
Assistant Stage Manager -

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